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I’ve always felt connected to the earth and finding these amazing gemstones to put into silver is the driving force behind my creativity. All my pieces are handcrafted by myself and each one unique. 

Quality is extremely important to me, every piece I make with a vision of one day being passed down, lasting generations. I hope you’re able to put on a piece from Halestorms Jewelry and have it brighten up your day. The little things in life can be some of the most important.

I have several pieces from Halestorms jewelry, and they all are made with high quality materials and an eye for unique details. I love wearing these interesting, functional pieces that spark the loveliest little nuggets of conversation with happy sweet people that notice the craftsmanship of the silversmithing or the quality of the stones. I'm infinitely happy with everything I've purchased from Halestorms!

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Aubrey Hale

Halestorms Jewelry

Once upon a time, a woman who insisted she was never having kids found out she was pregnant. So she did what any reasonable person would do. Started a business. 

Haha but really though. I love doing what I do. I’m a mom and a silversmith, I get to raise my child from home and make allllll the things. I thrive on creating, it doesn’t matter what medium I just love the whole process. Learning new things as often as I can is what makes me happy and in silversmithing be has endless opportunities to grow as a maker. Being able to have this business is what keeps me at home with my daughter, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love in more ways than one.